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Union Hall is a place for Coloradan residents, Denver locals, and visitors to engage in enriching, educational, and creative experiences.

This 1,800 square foot community-focused arts and culture space is an integral part of The Coloradan. Union Hall has the ability to function as a gallery, a black box, and a flexible event and performance platform. It also serves as a culture concierge, acting as a hub to provide information and access to select art exhibitions, programming, and creative events around the city.

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Union Hall opening Spring 2019

In Denver’s growing market, there are considerably fewer new arts and culture spaces being developed. At The Coloradan, we have dedicated a space that contributes to the arts and culture community. Our vision when creating Union Hall was to design a space that is a true cultural community partner that aims to advance the opportunities for emerging artists and creatives.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Union Hall fulfills the need for flexible, accessible art space in Downtown Denver.
  • It provides a connection to a broader audience beyond the arts and culture community.
  • And, it is an innovative model where private development supports arts and culture spaces in rapidly developing neighborhoods.
The Coloradan - Neighborhood
upcoming EXHIBITIONS &

Union Hall is the epicenter for community activity in the Union Station Neighborhood. Weekly programming will vary and include speaker series, live music shows, classes, film screenings, dance performances, poetry readings, and comedy shows among other events.

Prior to Union Hall opening, The Coloradan team has been hosting a variety of Union Hall style programming over the last year. A few notable events include: a Denver “movers and shakers” guest panel, a discussion on climate change with Jeremey Jones (Founder and President of Protect or Winters), and an in-depth look into Denver’s music scene with some of the city’s top industry leaders.

Exhibition dates and details coming soon Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown lives in New York and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a neighborhood she helped pioneer as an artist and where she started Storefront, one of the first artist-run galleries in the neighborhood. She received her BA from Yale University and a MFA from Indiana University. Her recent paintings depict a female protagonist in pastoral settings as she basks in the company of her canine companions. The female characters in her work are unrestricted by assumptions of female vulnerability or dependence on male actors for their legitimacy.

Exhibition dates and details coming soon Carissa Samaniego & Matthew Smith

Artists Carissa Samaniego and Matthew Smith are both recent graduates of CU Boulder’s MFA program. Carissa grew up in Minnesota and New Mexico, and Matt is originally from Indiana. Both artists find inspiration from memories that are deeply tied to identity, family tradition, and the American landscape- which are prominent themes throughout their work. Both artists work in an interdisciplinary and immersive format meaning their work usually consists of installations that blend durational performance, photography, video, large scale sculpture, and traditional craft practices. This will be Carissa and Matt’s first exhibition in Denver.

The Coloradan - Neighborhood
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1750 Wewatta Street

Union Hall is a non-profit organization supported, and initially funded, by The Coloradan Community Foundation. To inquire about donations and grants, or to make an artist submission request or other general questions, please email us at

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from Union Hall coming this fall!

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