The Coloradan to Provide Denver’s Fastest Internet Service in a Residential Building

A survey in December of 2016, commissioned by Comcast’s Xfinity Communities, and conducted by research firm Precision Sample, found that 87 percent of respondents agreed that technology plays either an “extremely important” or “very important” role in resident satisfaction. These results were top of mind for East West Partners in selecting a leading-edge connectivity solution.

“In choosing an internet service provider for The Coloradan, we interviewed independent experts across the nation, reviewed the strategy of other high quality communities in large cities throughout the world, and listened to residents in our projects around the country,” said Jay Lambiotte, Chief Financial Officer at East West Partners. “We realized quickly that the best possible connectivity would be perhaps the most important amenity for residents at The Coloradan. Given our residents’ focus on speed, cost and security, we understood the importance of working with a company such as Elauwit that has extensive experience in implementing and servicing this type of network in a residential building.”

The internet at The Coloradan will be connected by Zayo’s fiber optics to state-of-the-art wired and managed Wi-Fi equipment from Elauwit. The system will deliver faster and more reliable service with greater resident experience, convenience and security compared to typical residential systems. The Coloradan network will be centrally managed by Elauwit and offer 24/7/365 monitoring and customer service. Service speeds at The Coloradan are expected to approach one Gigabit per second.

Most service providers give each home a unique modem and Wi-Fi router which has little awareness of other Wi-Fi routers. This results in interference and decreased internet speed. Additionally, with other service providers the modem and Wi-Fi router are installed after the resident moves in, which requires residents to wait at home for installers.

The Elauwit system strategically places specially designed Wi-Fi routers throughout the building and uses predictive software to reduce interference. Elauwit also secures each resident’s account to provide private and secure connectivity to all devices (printers, mobile devices, game consoles, televisions, smart appliances, etc.). The system enables residents to remain connected to their personal network throughout the entire building, from ground floor retail areas to the 18th floor clubroom and pool deck, in addition to within their private residence.

Zayo, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, will provide the fiber optic connectivity to power a high-capacity, high-performance network experience. For The Coloradan residents that means no caps, data prioritization or traffic throttling.

“We will always maintain net neutrality for our clients and their residents and since the community owns the network, there will be no prioritizing of one type of content over others unless the community chooses to prioritize,” said Robert Grosz, Chief Development Officer at Elauwit.  “That’s the beauty of a community-owned network and one of the advantages of using this model versus a cable or phone company.”

The cost to residents is less than half the cost for a typical internet subscription offering a slower connection and is also subject to specific rate caps.

“Internet speed and net neutrality are big topics in Colorado today and East West Partners was eager to put The Coloradan on the leading edge by providing a best in class system, giving this specific community control and providing our residents the best Internet experience we could find,” said Lambiotte.