Meet Pure Barre

The Coloradan: How did your passion for fitness get started and what do you enjoy most about the experience you get from Pure Barre?

Lindsey: Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had a passion for movement and fitness. Thus, it was a natural progression to get into dancing, which I did both on a competitive and professional level for many years. It’s my love for dance that took me to L.A. where I later discovered Pilates and became an instructor for eight years. During that time, I met the founder of Pure Barre and it was at that moment I knew this was my calling. I love Pure Barre for many reasons, but ultimately, it’s the incredible toning and intrinsic strength I gained that made me a believer in the barre technique and I wanted to share it with others. Additionally, I love the experience we provide to our clients, the community that’s been built, the friendships that have been created, and the motivations that are shared. It’s been most humbling to watch how our challenging workouts really bond people together.

The Coloradan: What drew you to The Coloradan?

Lindsey: I’m a fifth generation native to Denver. A rarity, I know! I’m outdoorsy to the core, so The Coloradan just felt like home to me. I wanted to be in a building and location that truly embraced all the things I love most about this city and state, and that was in epicenter of downtown Denver.

The Coloradan: Do you have a favorite post-workout place to refuel downtown?

Lindsey: Definitely Whole Foods – it’s practically my home away from home. My go-to “fuel” is either the salad bar, sushi, or an almond milk latte. If I’m feeling a bit more indulgent, I’d have to say I love Hearth & Dram as well as Stoic & Genuine. Both places have a great menu and drink list.

Also, check out this cool Pure Barre Union Station teaser video. We hope you’re as excited as we are to take a class when Pure Barre opens!