Coloradan vs. Coloradoan

The more we talk to folks about this project, the more aware we become of the question surrounding the spelling of the name. Coloradan vs. Coloradoan. Ah, the great debate.
If you, too, are curious about this grammatical quandary, here’s your answer: it depends on the origin of the name.
The general rule of thumb is that for names ending in ‘o’ that are of Native American origin, you add ‘an’. Ohioan. Idahoan. Chicagoan. However, for names that are of Spanish origin, you drop the ‘o’. And since Colorado is Spanish for red (bonus points, you’re welcome), we are technically Coloradans.
If you’re interested in a more in-depth explanation, check out this Denver Post article.
Regardless of the spelling, we can all agree on one thing and that’s what the word stands for—taking advantage of the incredible lifestyle we enjoy as residents of this amazing place.