Building Construction Update, June 2018

Our terra-cotta is now installed up to level 17, and the building definitely stands out in the neighborhood. The “Bone” white metal panel is installed above the level 4 and 5 amenity decks. Decorative bands of white metal panel are also being inserted between the dark bronze panels and terra-cotta to give The Coloradan extra character. These bands are intended to imply motion of the trains and traffic below, as well as provide color accents to the large east and west facades.

The installation of glass and metal panels at the ground floor retail storefront continues. Two bi-folding overhead glass doors at the restaurant and coffee spaces have been installed. We also installed the first retail awning steel.

The garage mesh screening steel is being installed.

Contractor punch work is underway on level 4. Level 5 is being cleaned up and prepped for its’ punch work. We’re installing wood floors on levels 6 and 7, installing cabinets on level 8, painting on level 9, and hanging drywall on levels 10-12. MEP rough-in (laying the basic lines for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) continues on levels 13-19.

Framing work for the Penthouses has begun on level 19 – the top and final residential floor.

Concrete formwork has been removed on levels 4 and 5 amenity decks. And, the 18th floor pool deck and waterproofing work has begun.

Finally, roof walk pads have been installed and the roof is substantially complete.

Remember, you can always check out our current progress with our construction web cam.