Building Construction Update, March 2018

We’re now 19 months into the project and we continue to remain on track to open in Q4 of this year.

We’re installing the exterior pre-fabricated panels at level 19 and panel installation will be complete this week. Numerous façade crews have been working from swing stages surrounding the building focusing on Z-girt and mineral wool installation. Mineral wool is installed up to level 13 and the terra-cotta is installed up to level 8 on parts of the building.

The overbuild on the first-floor retail level has progressed and is expected to be complete this week. You can also begin to see the different tenant spaces start to take shape.

The first retail storefront is going in on the Southwest corner of the building.

Cabinet installation has begun on level 4. A majority of the level 4 Residences have been primed and received their first coat of finish paint. The final coat will be applied after cabinets, flooring and other fixtures are installed. Drywall installation on level 5 is just about finished and level 6 drywall will begin to go up this week. MEP rough-in (laying the basic lines for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) is underway on levels 7-13 and we are framing walls on level 14.

The balcony guardrails are being installed up to level 13 and the install of the glass into the railings has recently started.

The vapor barrier is being installed over the concrete deck of the roof.

Stay tuned for our next construction update and remember, you can always check out our current progress with our construction web cam.