Building Construction Update, February 2018

It’s been about a month since our last construction update and a lot has been accomplished since mid-January. We are now 18 months into construction and remain on track to open Q4 of this year.

The exterior pre-fabricated panels are being installed at level 15. Terra-cotta is now being installed on levels 4-7 on the Northeast and Northwest sides of the building. Mineral wool and Z-Girts have been installed up to level 12. Insert Image

The elevator fronts are set on the retail level. Insert Image

The grand staircase treads are firmly welded into place and the landings are infilled with concrete. This flight of stairs spans 2.5 stories, connecting the retail on level 1 to the RTD Bridge.

We have started the overbuild for the retail on the first floor. Geo-Foam is used as the base and filler of the overbuild and then concrete is poured on top.

The “Topping Out Beam”, which is the highest piece of steel on the building, was signed by the entire team and will be installed above the Rooftop Mechanical Penthouse.

Waterproofing is underway for the 18th floor pool.

Drywall installation is being wrapped up on level 4 and level 5 drywall started yesterday. MEP rough-in (laying the basic lines for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) is underway on levels 6-11 and framing walls are going up on level 12.